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Spencer Ray

Senior Associate

Phone: 313-924-8384


 Spencer Ray is a Senior Associate specializing in the sale of single family homes, multi-family properties, and commercial properties in Grosse Pointe and Metro-Detroit. Spencer is largely responsible for generating new clientele, underwriting properties, and handling day to day deal negotiations between sellers, buyers and lenders. Since joining Jim Saros Real Estate Services, Spencer has distinguished himself for his uncanny ability to find, source and cultivate opportunities. 

 Spencer has gained notoriety as one of the office’s most prolific business generators and for his ability to identify properties that fit the exact specifications for his client’s needs. Spencer’s early accomplishments have redefined success for young agents entering the business. 

After joining the U.S. Marine Corp Infantry at age 20 he quickly climbed the ranks becoming a squad leader then platoon SGT until leaving the Marine Corp achieving the rank of SGT in only four years- a very rare achievement in that time span. When his unit called on him he successfully passed the most difficult schools the Marine Corp has to offer without fail for the betterment of his battalion. After 2 deployments to countless foreign countries he was ready to come home and apply his tenacity, discipline, fight and drive to the field of real estate. Semper FI (Always Faithful).